History of LEONTES greek clan.

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History of LEONTES greek clan. Empty History of LEONTES greek clan.

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LEONTES is a greek clan of Medieval2 TW, we created our clan around in 2006 and we inspired that name of the emblem of Mycenae, wich has on it two lions. LEONTES is the ancient greek word of lions.

Mycenae was one of the major centres of Greek civilization, a military stronghold which dominated much of southern Greece. The period of Greek history from about 1600 BC to about 1100 BC is called Mycenaean in reference to Mycenae.

The arcaeological site of Mycenae in Greece, located about 90km south-west of Athens, in the north-eastern Peloponnese. Argos is 6 km to the south, Corinth, 48 km to the north. From the hill on which the palace was located one can see across the Argolid to the Saronic Gulf.

History of LEONTES greek clan. Mycenae_recon
History of LEONTES greek clan. Leonte10

''Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by,
that here, obedient to their laws, we lie''

History of LEONTES greek clan. Hadessig3

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